Screenprint table - Part 3
35€ per dagdeel

**We are currently open for individual rentals on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. If you want to book at other times this can be done in consultation via**

Screen printing table for textile of 6 meters long. For the price on this page, you book a part of the table of 200x130 cm. it is possible to reserve more space for additional costs. The table is only suitable for printing with water-based ink.
The table is soft and has an adhesive layer to ensure a crisp result, even when printing in multiple layers. You can buy transparent, opaque and puff ink from our workshop manager on the spot, but you can also bring your own ink. If you indicate in advance which screen you would like to use, we will make that they are ready for you in the drying cabinet. Available sizes are 31x31 cm, 31x50 cm, 50x80 cm and 90x120 cm. Important: make sure you bring transparent films yourself. Currently we do not have a printer to print on site.
If you have questions about ink, your print or other applications, send an email to:

Sint-Agathastraat 54
3037 SH Rotterdam

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