De Wasserij is a breeding ground where innovative fashion professionals meet, work together and exchange knowledge. The building, a former industrial laundry in Rotterdam North, offers studios to some fifty movers & shakers from the fashion industry. In De Wasserij they and other interested parties can make use of a fully equipped makers' lab, focused on fashion and textiles. In addition, De Wasserij offers space for exhibitions, pop-ups and a program of activities for professionals and fashion lovers. The residents of De Wasserij have a common interest: they find it important to contribute to a better future through their practice. To get started in the Makerslab of De Wasserij you first follow an introductory course. The course takes half a day and costs €149.99 ex. VAT per person. T/m 31 March 2020 we offer 25% discount on the introductory course! Request the screening now via your Dashboard.


Sint-Agathastraat 54 3037 SH Rotterdam

Esther Muñoz Grootveld:


Germs Fisher:



50€ per part of the day