Terms and conditions

  1. You work in a shared space, so keep things clean, don’t be a bother to others and make sure the room is tidy when you leave.
  2. Before machines can be reserved for individual use, the renter must follow an introduction course for that workplace;
  3. Reservations can be made a minimum of 2 days in advance;
  4. Notify the workplace manager when you arrive and when you leave;
  5. Reservations are for 1 person. In some cases it is possible, after consultation, for a production assistant to be present. This person may not use any machines.
  6. It may happen that a machine breaks down the day before your reservation. De Wasserij reserves the right to cancel reservations in such a case.
  7. If SKARspace needs to cancel a reservation on account of ‘force majeure’, then it is not obliged to return the credits. Force majeure means that the execution of the agreement is temporarily or permanently fully or partially prevented due to circumstances beyond the control of SKARspace. This includes the threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, flood and other disturbances or events.
  8. As the renter, you must treat the equipment in a responsible manner at all times. Any damage caused by improper or careless use will be charged to the renter.
  9. SKARspace does not accept liability for any form of personal injury or damage to property as a result of, for example, theft, loss or damage of any nature, during or as a result of your presence in the studio.
  10. As a tenant, you are jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage caused to SKAR space and/or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of your stay, regardless of whether this was caused by acts or omissions on your part or on the part of third parties in the building, as well as for all damage caused by any property in your possession.
  1. As the renter, you are jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage caused to SKARspace and/or any third party as the direct or indirect consequence of your presence, regardless of whether it was caused by acts or negligence by you or by third parties present in the building as a result of your activity, as well as for any damage caused by any object belonging to you.You may take photos and record videos in rooms belonging to SKARspace. When posting on social media, we ask that you indicate the relevant building where possible. During opening hours, the workplace manager / staff may take photos or record videos for promotional purposes (website, social media etc.). All persons who visit SKARspace agree to such photo and video recordings and the publication thereof.
  2. Instructions by workplace managers regarding the use of rooms and/or machines must be obeyed at all times.
  3. We ask that you warn our staff if you see that someone has become unwell. We can then make sure that they receive first aid.
  4. We ask that you warn our staff if you have noticed problems or misconduct on the part of other people. Do not intervene personally.
  5. Visitors who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access.
  6. In the event of behaviour that other visitors consider to be disruptive, threatening, intimidating or undesirable, a warning shall be issued first, followed by removal from the premises upon repetition. Violent crimes and theft shall be reported to the police.
  7. Striking weapons, stabbing weapons and firearms are prohibited and will be confiscated and handed over to the police upon discovery.