About SKAR Space

SKARspace is the online platform on which you can quickly rent a place in a workshop, a meeting room or a (dance)studio. Do you need to laser cut, present or sew something, do you have meters of fabric you want to print, do you need a studio with your dance company, do you want to give a workshop all those things you can book. At SKARspace you rent a place in a workshop or a whole room per part of the day. And affordable.

The workplaces can be found in several studio and studio buildings of SKAR.

How does it work?

Workplaces can be booked via the website. You can select a place on what you want to do (photography, textiles, et cetera) or on the location (De Wasserij, Makerdam et cetera). If you have made a choice, you will have to log in to continue.

First time:
The first time you want to use something you have to be logged in by the administrator. In some cases, you may need a small course first: not everyone can handle a screen printing table just like that. If that goes well, you can book when it suits you (and when the workplace is free). There is a one-off fee for this course. These costs may vary per workshop. Contact the relevant workshop for more information.

You can see at each workstation which moment he is free. If you have chosen a moment by clicking on it, you can book it and go to the checkout page. Once the payment has been processed, you can start at the booked time.

If you have booked a place, you can cancel it up to 24 hours in advance. You can then choose whether you want the money back, or whether you want to book again at another time. That works through the system of credits. You can then even book another workstation with the credits you already have.

The workshop manager may have to cancel the session - if the device is broken, for example. Also then you can choose to have the money paid out or book it again later with your credits.